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Anesthesia Addict Crema lens

170 SAR

Anesthesia Addict Crema lens

Dress up in a bright and vibrant color that enhances the beauty of your eyes with the unique Anesthesia lenses. Original lenses that protect your eyes from drying out and strong sunlight, and complement your distinctive look.

Lenses Features:

Packaging : Each box contains two lenses that are packed and tightly packed.

Duration of use : valid for a temporary period of 6 months.

Lenses type : light colored.

Lens size :

Lens diameter 14.2 mm

Lens Curvature 8.6 mm

Care Tips:

  • Do not clean Anesthesia lenses with water, as it may contain salts that damage the lenses and thus damage your eyes.
  • Use a special disinfectant to disinfect Anastasia lenses after each use to ensure that germs are eliminated.
  • Avoid wearing your contact lenses all day long so as not to strain your eyes.

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170 SAR
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