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Anesthesia LA Vanilla lens

170 SAR

Anesthesia LA Vanilla lens

Get a classy look and a different look with Anesthesia contact lenses, which are of the highest quality and very comfortable to use, and are characterized by their color that looks just like natural.

Lenses Features:

Packaging : Each box contains two lenses that are packed and tightly packed.

Duration of use : valid for a temporary period of 6 months.

Lens type : colored lens.

Lens size :

Lens diameter 14.2 mm

Lens Curvature 8.6 mm

Care Tips:

  • Change the sterile solution for Anesthesia lenses every 48 hours if you are not using them, and it is changed every time when using.
  • Do not share your lenses with others to avoid contamination and infection.
  • Avoid sleeping or showering with lenses, and don't wear them when you go to the pool.
  • Put the lenses on before you start applying makeup.

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170 SAR
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