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Anesthesia Anesthetic Lime lens

170 SAR

Anesthesia Anesthetic Lime lens

Anesthesia lenses are perfect for both formal and everyday looks. Anesthesia lenses are suitable for all eyes, whether they are wide or narrow, and have a healthy look and an attractive bright color.

Lenses Features:

Packaging : Each box contains two lenses that are packed and tightly packed.

Duration of use : valid for a temporary period of 6 months.

Lenses type : light green colour.

Lens size :

Lens diameter 14.2 mm

Lens Curvature 8.6 mm

Care Tips:

  • Having a sterile solution for Anesthesia lenses is an essential thing and should be changed with every contact lens use.
  • Your lenses cannot be shared with another person.
  • Put on make-up after wearing Anastasia lenses.
  • Avoid showering or swimming in the pool while using the lenses.

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170 SAR
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