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Lensed by Anesthesia New York Oliva

170 SAR

Anesthesia New York Olivia lens

Rejuvenate your look with beautiful colored Anastasia lenses, which are made of high quality to be exactly like the color of natural eyes and give you a delicate look without causing any harm to your eyes.

Lenses Features:

Packaging : Each box contains two lenses that are packed and tightly packed.

Duration of use : valid for a temporary period of 6 months.

Lenses type : light colored.

Lens size :

Lens diameter 14.2 mm

Lens Curvature 8.6 mm

Care Tips:

  • Clean hands and wash them well before using Anesthesia lenses.
  • Use a sterile solution to store Anesthesia lenses, and change it with each use for the safety of your eyes.
  • Don't shower with it.
  • Put your lenses on before putting on makeup because wearing lenses requires more focus.
  • Avoid cleaning it with water.

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170 SAR
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