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BIKKEMBERGS Eyeglass Frame

399 SAR 760 SAR


Product details:

In the beginning, many people were not interested in the shapes of prescription frames, but with the development of fashion, various attractive designs have become an essential element for choosing a special frame for your eyeglasses. Be different with the unique Bicombrex sunglasses frame , designed by professionals to enhance your style and add to your sophisticated look.

the design:

  • Choosing the right type of frame for the face shape adds an aesthetic and elegant look to you, and the Bicombrex glasses frame is characterized by its classic, elegant design that appears in the form of square lenses, and expresses your personality in an attractive way.
  • The design of the frame made it suitable for both sexes, especially that it has a calm and modern neutral color, and it is characterized by its stability and consistency, so you will not feel disturbed while wearing it.
  • Lens color: Clear lenses for display only.
  • Frame colour: blue.
  • The color of the arm: metallic silver and mixed with blue in the design.


  • The best and finest materials, conforming to international standards, have been selected during the manufacture of the Bicombrix eyeglasses frame in order to offer you a frame that is lightweight, characterized by its high flexibility and durability, so that it is not subjected to breakage or rapid damage.
  • Also, the Bicombrix glasses frame maintains its color and is shock-resistant, and does not cause skin allergies.

Lenses Specifications:

  • Lenses with a modern and youthful design in a square shape, fits with different face shapes and highlights your beautiful features.
  • We offer you the service of customizing different lenses, medical or sunglasses, in the sizes that suit you and match the frame.
  • You will be able to choose between a wide range of international brands of lenses that have many features to give your eyes clear vision and the necessary protection.


  • Lens size : 54mm.
  • Bridge size : 17 mm.
  • Arm length : 145 mm.

Quality and Warranty:

Rest assured with Bloom iWare Store and trust in our genuine, premium quality products, we guarantee that.

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399 SAR 760 SAR
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