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190 SAR

Blue protection glasses.

Product details

Blue protection glasses come with a layer of protection against the reflection of blue rays on the eyes resulting from computers, mobile phones, television and all electronic devices that emit these rays that are harmful to eye health and affect it negatively, making you feel headache, dry eyes and noticeably tired.

Blue protection glasses reduce those symptoms that make you feel tired and tired during periods of working on the laptop, watching videos or following social media.


Blue protection eye glasses are available in a new design and elegant and modern colors to suit business owners, women and men, and also to be an eye protector. You can choose to be optical or blue protection lenses through the options below.

  • Lens color: Blue Protection lenses are transparent lenses with the blue protection feature that protect and protect the eyes from harmful rays of devices and computers.
  • Frame color: The frame has a turquoise blue color, which is a calm and beautiful color that does not cause distress and is suitable for your presence in business and official duties.
  • Frame shape: The frame is shaped in a wide rectangular shape to make the glasses more sharp and formal.
  • Arm color: Arms have a gray color that matches blue, and is a calm blend of formal colors.


  • The glasses are made of original and strong materials that prevent them from any problems such as bending, fractures, scratches and other damages.
  • The glasses are distinguished by their strong and superior lenses against scratches and fractures and great protection for the eyes from harmful rays emitted by electronic devices.
  • The glasses are comfortable on the eyes and do not cause allergies or headaches.

Lens Specifications

Blue Protection glasses have high-quality lenses that are made with precision and high craftsmanship, and you can choose the type of lenses you want in the glasses, as we provide you with different types of protection lenses from different brands.

  • Standard lens
  • German SII lens with product card
  • Japanese NIKON lens with product card and lens wiper.

  • You can also select the size you want in the glasses if you have a special size you want, and you can choose that from the box at the bottom of the size.
  • You can choose glasses with optical lenses, and if you want to, please let us know by sending us a picture of the prescription for the eye test.
  • Processing is done within one working day of the order date.

Prices are the same for the following sizes:

  • (SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00
  • (CYL) 0.00 to -2.00


  • Lens size: 54mm.
  • Bridge size: 16mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.

Target group

It can be purchased by both women and men.

Quality and Warranty

Blue Protection glasses are one of the best glasses to protect the eyes from harmful rays caused by the daily use of electronics and computers, so we recommend having them if you work on devices all day.

Product Code




190 SAR
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