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CO'LE sunglasses


525 SAR

CO'LE Blue Sunglasses

Product details:

Learn about the glasses Cooley (CO'LE) solar original that suggest a lively and life views, making it the perfect choice for women interested in all that is new and different in the fashion world. The Cole brand is known for its distinctive design, attractive and bold frame, and colored lenses that give you a modern and elegant look.

the design:

Coolie sunglasses design will highlight your charm and beauty and make you look more attractive for sure! It has a modern streamlined design characterized by its square lenses that fit most face shapes and add beauty to it. Cooley sunglasses have a funky style that many women like. In addition to the fact that the glasses protect the safety of your eyes, they are a wonderful accessory that complements your beautiful look.

  • Lens color: light blue.
  • Frame color: matte silver and there is a simple pattern on top of the lenses that increases the beauty of the frame and draws attention to it.
  • Wen's arm: silver matte color.


The most important thing you are looking for in any sunglasses is its material to ensure that you get light, comfortable and safe glasses for your eyes. Cooley sunglasses are of the finest original glasses and are made of materials that are all equipped with a scratch-resistant coating.

It also doesn't leave any marks or irritate your skin with all-day use and being in the heat. Coolie sunglasses are lightweight and do not cause discomfort while wearing them, so they do not slide forward or move out of place.


  • Lens size : 59 mm.
  • Bridge size : 16 mm.
  • Arm length : 145 mm.

Lenses Specifications:

  • The design of the lenses of Cooley sunglasses adopts the elegant square shape that is currently popular in the fashion world.
  • The lenses have an attractive summer light color that adds more elegance to your look.
  • Cooley glasses lenses are carefully made to preserve your eyes and protect them from high temperatures and glare of the sun, in addition to making you avoid eye diseases that may occur due to harmful rays.



the quality


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Italian CO'LE

525 SAR
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