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Italia Independent Eyeglasses Frame

419 SAR 660 SAR

Italia Independent Glasses Frame . - Black

Product details:

Eyeglass frames have become just as elegant as fashion accessories, and everyone chooses them carefully because they are a part that complements their appearance, increases their outer beauty and provides a clear and clear vision. The Italia Independent tire is one of the most modern tires on the market. It has a distinctive and unique design in harmony with its practical color to offer you an ideal choice for daily use.

the design:

  • We can clearly see the innovation and unusual design evident in the frames of Italy Independent sunglasses; It is distinguished by its practical and elegant black color that makes it suitable for both men and women and is equally popular between the two.
  • The design contributes to providing you with comfort and improving the appearance of the frame on the face, ensuring its stability throughout the period of wear and non-slip wear. The lenses of the frame have a hexagonal shape that is closer to the shape of a circle, which is an attractive and innovative design that catches the eye.
  • Lens color: Clear lenses for display only.
  • Frame colour: black.
  • l arm wen: black.


  • The Italy Independent medical glasses frame is characterized by high flexibility, and great durability, as it is made of the best materials and materials that comply with the highest quality standards, and this reduces the possibility of rapid frame damage or breakage.
  • The tire also has an insulating layer so that your skin does not get affected by it or get allergic due to the frequent and constant wear of the tire.

Lenses Specifications:

  • The Italy Independent's eyeglass frames are unique in their hexagonal lenses, which have smooth edges and can be described as slightly circular in shape.
  • The lenses in the frame are for display only, and you can choose the lens sizes you want and the features you want to have in them.


  • Lens size : 50 mm.
  • Bridge size : 19 mm.
  • Arm length : 150 mm.

Quality and Warranty:

Bloom Store provides you with a warranty on the distinctive Italia Independent tire as it has excellent and luxurious quality that gives you an impressive look.

Product Code

SHARON 5922.044.041


Italia Independent.

419 SAR 660 SAR
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