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86 SAR 300 SAR



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In the golden color, which contains in its folds the sparkling threads of the sun, the Palmyra eyewear comes in its new dress, and this time it will give you a feeling of pride and high self-confidence with ease of use, and its uniqueness with a golden frame makes you feel like you are wearing it for the first time to see your face shining bright. The good news is that Palmyra Eyewear sunglasses are suitable for both sexes, both men and women, and give weight to the personality and give you uniqueness and beauty.


The design of Palmyra eyewear is considered a masterpiece. The frame is completely painted in gold with a flash of luster and charming quality to increase the luster of your skin and give it higher aesthetic degrees, the design is available for both sexes, it combines originality and modernity and is suitable for all times and occasions. The frame is light and the golden color gives it a fairy touch and does not cause any pain in places of use such as the ears or the nose, as we observe all medical standards that preserve your skin.

Lens Color: Clear and for display only.

Frame colour: gold.

Arm color: all over gold.

Bridge color: gold.



  • The world of eyeglasses is full of materials, but Palmira Eyewear is unique in its craftsmanship and perfection of its finish.
  • The frame has amazing strength and durability because it resists bending or bending and stays firmly on your face, so it doesn't cause you any confusion from time to time because it doesn't move.
  • The frame is characterized by its soft and comfortable material on the skin, so it does not cause you to itch or feel uncomfortable while wearing it.
  • It is also characterized by its lightness, so it does not cause you pain on the places where it rests, such as the ear and nose.


  • Lens Size: 55mm.
  • Bridge size: 14mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.



Lenses Specifications:

  • Palmyra eyewear frame lenses are for display only.
  • You can send your measurements, which will help you to see more clearly as prescribed by your doctor and we will fulfill your request immediately.
  • The quality of the lenses we have available, neither the most luxurious nor the coolest, so be confident in your clarity of vision while wearing them and know that you will enjoy unprecedented comfort in your eyes, which will reflect on your psychological and physical comfort.
  • The lenses have all the quality standards that protect your eyes from harmful rays and help you focus while studying and while driving.


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86 SAR 300 SAR
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