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It was known in the past that the one who wears glasses is a person of sharp intelligence, and the shape of the glasses was associated with geniuses and diligent personalities who love work and diligence.

Palmyra sunglasses not only distinguish you with intelligence, but also with a wonderful appearance with a deep view. If you are a person of insight and deep thinking with an attractive and mysterious personality, then you should not miss viewing the Palmyra eyeglasses frame.


Unique to the look, these sunglasses feature a Boston pattern that is intermediate between perfectly round and oval frames. Since it's a hybrid model that's all about curves. For this reason, it is ideal for all faces from square, triangular and trapezoidal to oval and slim. And the modern sky-colored frame that makes you bloom in a youthful way

Lens Color: Clear and for display only.

Frame color: The frame of the lenses is characterized by a light blue color that makes those looking at you feel as if your eyes are surrounded by the edges of the blue sky

Arm color: It is made of metal that takes the same color as the lenses from the beginning to the end of the frame.

Bridge colour: light blue.


Palmyra sunglasses frame has more than one feature as if you are hitting more than one bird with one stone. The frame is made of raw materials that are resistant to breakage, as it is very strong, not brittle, which gives it a very long shelf life. In addition to the light weight that makes you feel like you are wearing nothing and this is easy to avoid when strength meets lightness. The tire has other health advantages, as it will not expose you to any day of getting a headache or sensitivity to the skin of the ear or nose or anything such as itching or tightness.



Lens size: 50 mm.

Bridge size: 18 mm.

Arm length: 143 mm.


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Available for both men and women.



300 SAR
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