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86 SAR 300 SAR

Palmyra Eyewear Eyeglasses Frame - PALMYRA EYEWEAR FRAME

Product details:

We offer you the wonderful medical product. PALMYRA Eyewear gives you comfort in your vision and comfort in your daily dealings. It is light and easy to use with a medical frame that is soft to the touch and thin, with a silvery thickness, suitable for different ages and both sexes, female and male, as well as in line with all societal professions and you can wear it in All times and occasions.



In the design of the Palmyra Eyewear frame, you will find super wonderful features of the dark black color with an enchanting luster, suitable for all age groups and for both sexes, and also in line with any skin color and gives it attractiveness.

What makes the frame unique is that the bridge is distinguished by a shiny silver color that harmonizes with the color of the frame in a distinctive form.


Lens Color: Clear and for display only.

Frame colour: black.

Arm color: Silver in the beginning and ends with a black leather cover.

Bridge colour: silver.



The Palmyra i-wear brand is known in the eyewear and medical frames industry for its quality and the perfection of its products. It has a highly professional character in terms of frames, as it is resistant to breakage and scratching, and has a design that does not make it move constantly, causing some distress to its owner, as well as the excellent quality coating, so you will not see it dull in color and always shiny and shiny.



  • Lens Size: 55mm.
  • Bridge size: 14mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.


Lenses Specifications:

  • Palmyra eyewear lenses for display only
  • We have a custom lens and sunglasses detailing service, where you can choose from a wide range of different brands and materials for the lenses you want with the frame.
  • The lenses available to us are characterized by high-precision medical standards, which gives you clarity in vision to see things as if for the first time, in addition to the fact that the lenses are specially designed to protect your eyes from radiation emitted by smart devices and any harmful radiation.
  • You can attach the prescription when completing the purchase process and it will be processed within one working day.


the quality:




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86 SAR 300 SAR
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