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HUGO BOSS sunglasses

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Hugo Boss Polarized Sunglasses

Product details:

Get brilliant maximum protection that is unprecedented with a pair of Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss). It has a wonderful design, and provides the highest degree of protection for your eyes by distinctive polarized lenses (Polarized), which lenses reduce the reflection of light on the strength of your eyes as well as the mirage in sunny days and maintain their integrity.

the design:

  • Hugo sunglasses represent a large part of your elegance, as they are carefully designed to show your facial features more beautifully, and increase your attractiveness. Their lenses feature a trendy square shape and are also polarized lenses.
  • The design of Hugo sunglasses is suitable for different ages, and has a practical color and lens design that matches the shapes of multiple faces to highlight their beauty.
  • Lens color: polarized black.
  • Frame colour: black.
  • For arm color: black.


Your choice of sunglasses should be based on several elements, the most important of which is the material and quality of the lenses in them to provide you with superior protection, and you definitely find this in Hugo's polarized lenses.

Lenses Specifications:

  • Polarized lenses differ from others, because they reduce the glare of reflected light on your eyes, which is often uncomfortable and annoying to the eye, as well as reduce mirage.
  • Hugo sunglasses with polarized lenses are especially popular with athletes, and lovers of various outdoor activities, as they improve the light and allow only harmless light to pass through to your eyes.
  • The lenses of Hugo Boss sunglasses give you clear vision, and are comfortable on the eyes because they completely protect your eyes from UV rays.
  • Strong sun glare is one of the biggest damages to the eyes. It may lead to eye infections, double vision, or many others, and with polarized lenses you will be able to avoid this.
  • Polarized lenses are the best choice for sun-sensitive eyes, or if you have just had an operation on your eyes that you will need because they protect your eyes perfectly, reduce heat and high light, and give you clear vision.
  • If you are a fan of fishing or activities that take a lot of time under the sunlight, you should choose polarized lenses that ensure the safety and comfort of your eyes. You can also drive in the daytime with better color clarity and visibility.


  • Lens size : 56 mm.
  • Bridge size : 18mm.
  • Arm length : 145 mm.



Quality and Warranty:

We trust every product we include on our website and provide to you, and make sure that they are of excellent quality and 100% original.

Product Code

BOSS 0749/F/S


Hugo Boss.

1,439 SAR
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