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LA MARTINA eyeglass frame


360 SAR 460 SAR


Product details

Looking for a new youthful eyeglasses frame with round oval shape and stylish and cute design? New La Martina sunglasses frame with elegant design, available at Bloom Store. The frames of the glasses are comfortable on the eyes and provide sure protection for them, whether you choose prescription lenses or sunglasses.


La Martina sunglasses frame has a youthful and elegant design that can match with formal, summer, winter, and even everyday casual occasions.

  • Lens Color: You can choose your own lens color by telling us when ordering, as the lenses shown in front of you are just clear lenses for display.
  • Frame color: Lamartina frame has a unique, distinctive and cheerful color, the colors of brown and fiery yellow mixed with orange blend together in random lines on the frame, making the shape of the glasses more sparkling and beautiful.
  • Frame shape: The frame is shaped on an oval circular shape with a pull from the corners of the eyelid upwards, which gives the glasses an elegant, luxurious look and a rare distinction.
  • Arm color: The color pattern in the frame extends to the arms of the glasses, but the brown color is a little more dominant than the rest of the colors in the coloring of the arms.


  • The glasses frame is designed in an elegant and attractive shape using original materials from the finest sources, and keenness to use modern techniques and methods in order to appear in that quality, and in this modern form.
  • The glasses frame is very comfortable on the eyes, nose and ears and provides them with comfort and safe use.
  • The glasses frame is made of genuine raw materials that do not change with time and avoid any scratches or breaks.

Lens Specifications

  • The lenses in the frame are circular in shape, and are for viewing purposes only.
  • You can order the type, shape and color of the lenses you want, from different materials, whether you want glasses as sunglasses, medical glasses, or even glasses to protect against radiation emitted by devices and computers, and we will provide them to you with the finest materials.
  • Just enter the specifications and sizes appropriate for you.


  • Lens size: 51mm.
  • Bridge size: 22mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.

Target group

It can be purchased by both women and men.

Quality and Warranty

Because your comfort and elegance are important to us, we brought you the best types of lens frames with a strong and attractive design, resistant to any kind of scratches and fractures, strong and comfortable for the eyes.

Product Code




360 SAR 460 SAR
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