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Linda Smoke lenses

145 SAR

Linda Smoke Lenses

It was said in the old days that in a woman's smile is the grandeur and liveliness of life.. and in her eyes is her light, beauty and depth. And here we present to you, my dear, the light, the beauty and the depth, represented by the lenses of Linda Smok.

Shine now with a different look, sparkling eyes and sneak peeks by owning Linda Smoke lenses, as it will not only give you a feeling of distinction and difference, but will also delight all those who look at you and turn them into a mirror that reflects the beauty and charm of your eyes.

Lenses Features:

  • From a medical point of view, you have to rest assured that it is 100% designed for the comfort of your eyes, as it does not cause any feeling of sensitivity or itching that makes tears.
  • From a formal point of view, it is not the most wonderful and is 100% natural, so there is no doubt between it and natural eyes.
  • As for the color of the lens, it is the color of your smoke, which is characterized by gray luster between blue and black, as if your eyes turned into a clear night sky of light gray color interspersed with luminous stars to turn with it to a star shining in the sky of excellence and elegance.
  • You can determine the right vision strength for you.
  • You can decide if you want a solution with the lenses or buy it without the solution.
  • Please send the prescription, if any, to detail the appropriate lenses.


Packaging: Each box contains two lenses that are tightly packed and sealed.

Duration of use: Valid for a temporary period of 6 months.

Lenses type: light colored.

Colour: smoke.


Care Tips:

  • You should take good care of the container or case designed to keep the lenses out of the reach of children, wash the case well and dry it carefully, as well as cleanse your hands well before each use.
  • You have to change the detergent solution every time.
  • Avoid showering or rinsing with plain water, as this may cause germs and bacteria to enter the lenses.
  • Never share it with anyone, as it may expose you to eye diseases.

We recommend Linda Smoke lenses because you will definitely love them

145 SAR
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