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RACHEL sunglasses


600 SAR

Rachel Women Sunglasses

Product details:

You are always looking for youthful sunglasses with dazzling vibrant colors, which catch the eye and make a special impression due to their different design. Stop searching because Rachel sunglasses have it all. Rachel's glasses are suitable for every woman and girl who loves to keep up with modern fashion, and is interested in obtaining an attractive and elegant appearance in addition to maintaining the integrity of her eyes.

the design:

Different color, premium design, and unique lens shape! These are the different elements that Rachel sunglasses design brings together. Dress up in all your mornings effortlessly with Rachel's sunglasses, and coordinate them with multiple outfits to increase your beauty.

  • Lens color: pinkish-grey.
  • Frame color: the upper half is light pink, the other half is dark pink (fuchsia).
  • Wen's arm: Gold.


The quality of the materials for Rachel's glasses is clearly visible in several advantages, including:

  • Rachel's glasses open and close easily, they are flexible and easy to control.
  • The glasses have two arms of the same length and size and are connected to the lenses by means of the original hinges, sturdy and stable.
  • With Rachel glasses, you will not have problems such as rust, broken arm, or marks on your face after wearing the glasses for a long time.


  • Lens Size : 52mm.
  • Bridge size : 22mm.
  • Arm length : 140mm.

Lenses Specifications:

  • Rachel's eyeglasses have a modern youthful design, which is further demonstrated by the bold and harmonious color of their frames.
  • This confirms that Rachel's sunglasses are original sunglasses; Its glass lenses are made to protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun, and harmful rays.
  • The light and elegant color of the lenses increases the attractiveness of your look and makes it easier for you to see at all times without putting pressure on your eyes.


Turkish (handmade)

the quality


Product Code

RL205 C2


Rachel From Turkey - Rachel From Turkey

600 SAR
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