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TRY . eyeglasses frame


340 SAR

Glasses Frame Tri - TRY Glasses Frame  

Product details

Are you thinking of a practical and comfortable design for your glasses, at the same time design in funky and boring colors? This is available to us, with the new Tri-eyeglasses frame, we will fulfill your requirement, and the Tri brand offers the most luxurious high-quality glasses and effective protection.


The design of the wonderful Tray glasses frame is characterized by simplicity and modernity, as it suits those with good taste, due to the simplicity of its design, and the harmony of its calm colors together in a very elegant way like no other. The frame of the glasses you see will definitely impress everyone who sees it.

  • Lens color: Lens for display only, you can also choose the type of lens you prefer and suitable for you.
  • Frame color: The frame has a gray mixed color with a hint of deep violet, which gives an unconventional shape to the eyes.
  • Frame shape: Rectangular with raised corners from the bottom and top, making it comfortably cover the entire eye.
  • Arm color: The color of the arm is different from the color of the tires, as it is colored in a transparent cyan with a gray color at the tips of the arms.


  • The glasses frame is designed using world-class materials that are durable, strong and protective for the eye area.
  • The frame is light, soft and comfortable to wear, as it does not cause headaches or inconvenience to the areas where the glasses rest. As it is equipped with anti-slip ear grips, which makes you completely reassuring while wearing it.
  • Also, these handles are made of materials that are light and comfortable on the skin, making you feel as if you were not wearing glasses, and they do not leave marks on the ears or put pressure on them, which causes pain or headaches.

Lens Specifications

  • The lenses in the frame are rectangular in shape, and are for viewing purposes only.
  • You can request a customization of many sizes for medical or sunglasses lenses, as we provide a wide range of lenses of the best materials in order to get many choices from which to choose the best to meet your needs completely.


  • Lens size: 54mm.
  • Bridge size: 19mm.
  • Arm length: 145 mm.

Target group

It can be purchased by both women and men.

Quality and Warranty:

Because your comfort is important to us, we guarantee you the quality and durability of the wonderful Tri-eyeglasses frame.

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The famous TRY Glasses.

340 SAR
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