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TRY . eyeglasses frame


340 SAR

TRY Glasses Frame

Product details

Have you ever wanted to search for funky glasses, out of the ordinary, in modern and cheerful colors, at Bloom store, we offer you the famous Tri sunglasses with its new color and very convenient features and uses.


The design of the glasses comes in a stylish and cheerful youthful look with long arms and two large frames that are pulled up slightly on the lid of the eye.

  • Lens Color: The lens shown is only a display lens, and it can be changed and selected type by letting us know while contacting us at the time of purchase.
  • Frame color: What distinguishes the glasses is their stark and unconventional color, as the glasses were designed in a bright and bright orange color, which suits different ages, faces and skin colors.
  • Frame shape: The frame comes in a large and slightly wide center with a slight pull from the end of the eyelid upwards, to give a sharp and elegant design.
  • Arm color: neon orange.


  • The glasses are designed in a modern and elegant way using materials that are comfortable for the ears and eyes and ideally prevent the glasses from being scratched or broken.
  • The arms and frame are designed in a way that is comfortable for the nose and eyes so as not to cause allergic reactions during use.

Lens Specifications

  • The lenses in the frame are circular in shape and pulled up slightly, but they are not the final lenses, they are just display lenses.
  • You can order the type and type of lenses you want, from different materials, whether you want the glasses as sunglasses or prescription glasses.
  • At Bloom, we provide the best types of lenses from the best materials, which perfectly meet your needs without any hesitation.


  • Lens size: 54mm.
  • Bridge size: 12mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.

Target group

It can be purchased by both women and men.

Quality and Warranty:

At Bloom Store, we guarantee you the quality and good selection of the products we offer you, because our customers are the secret of our continuity, and meeting their needs is a major requirement for us.

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The famous TRY glasses.

340 SAR
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