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TIFFANY&CO . sunglasses


1,580 SAR

Tiffany&CO sunglasses in the fresh summer colors of brown and aqua.

Product details

In our store, we offer you TIFFANY&CO's magical and attractive glasses, of which there is no substitute or equal. The glasses are characterized by modern, youthful colors, the material of the frame and the original lenses made of the finest materials and materials to suit different occasions and the new summer trend.


TIFFANY&CO design is characterized by modernity and new elegance that keeps pace with fashion in its colors and shapes:

  • Lens color: The color of the lenses has a gradient brown color from dark brown on top and mixed with light brown on the bottom, forming an elegant blend in the color of the lenses and suitable for the hot sun.
  • Frame color: The frame of the lenses is characterized by a black color that comes in an unconventional way with the color of the lenses and the arm to break the intensity of colors and give the glasses luxury and distinction.
  • Arm color: The arm is characterized by the youthful and distinctive aqua color that the wonderful Tiffany brand is famous for, which is not commonly used in regular glasses, which gives the glasses distinction and uniqueness in shape, with some light inscriptions and writings expressing the brand on the arms of the glasses in golden color, which gives them elegance, luxury and modernity at the same time.


  • Lens size : 54mm.
  • Bridge size: 20mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.


  • TIFFANY&CO's eyewear material features unique and distinctive original lenses and arms, made from the best materials and the latest technology, unique and suitable for the health of the eyes.
  • The lenses are made of the best materials to protect the eyes from any strong rays and harmful rays of the sun in the summer.
  • The lens arms are made of strong and original shatterproof and anti-collision materials.
  • The material of the arms and lenses are comfortable on the eyes and ears and will not cause any sensitivity or headache symptoms when you wear them.

Lens Specifications

  • Lens color: gradient brown with its distinctive dark and light shades.
  • The shape of the lenses: round at the bottom and half square at the top, with a pull from both ends of the eyes.

Other specifications

TIFFANY&CO lenses are protective and protective for the face and eyes, and do not cause allergies to the eyes, and the vision is clear and transparent, and does not obstruct movement or vision.



the quality


Model / Product Code

TF 4109 2N


The famous original Italian brand TIFFANY&CO.

1,580 SAR
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