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190 SAR

Blue Protection Glasses

Product details

The new Blue Protection sunglasses with electronic protection lenses are available in Bloom store with a luxurious black design and original distinctive workmanship.


  • Lens color: Blue Protection lenses are transparent lenses with the feature of blue protection, and they work to protect the eyes from types of harmful rays that may affect the eyes with some problems such as dryness, weakness and others.
  • Frame color: The frame is characterized by a deep black color that gives luxury and distinction when worn on any skin tone.
  • Frame Shape: The frame has a convenient rectangular shape that is designed in this way to fit most face shapes.
  • Arm color: The arm color matches the frame color and is black and glossy silver.


  • The lenses of the glasses are made of strong and protective materials that can protect the eyes from any kind of harmful rays.
  • The glasses are characterized by their effectiveness and their ability to resist various types of damages, scratches and fractures.
  • The glasses are comfortable on the eyes and suitable for frequent daily use.

Lens Specifications

In our store, we provide the original Blue Protection lenses in the glasses, and you can choose another type of lens you want through the lens type box at the bottom, which includes:

  • Standard lens
  • German SII lens with product card
  • Japanese NIKON lens with product card and lens wiper.
  • In our store, we offer the best quality lenses made with the best original and modern technologies in line with current ophthalmology.
  • If you want a specific size of the glasses, you can choose it through the size box at the bottom.
  • Please note that when choosing the appropriate eye size in order to choose the glasses as medical glasses, the prescription that indicates this must be attached.

Prices are the same for the following sizes:

  • (SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00
  • (CYL) 0.00 to -2.00

  • Processing is done within one working day of the order date.


  • Lens size: 54mm.
  • Bridge size: 16mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.

Target group

It can be purchased by both women and men.

Quality and Warranty:

Blue Protection glasses have a good reputation, which states that they protect the eyes from harmful rays caused by various electronics. They are also suitable for those who work long hours at the computer or in the field of electronics, according to the customers themselves.

Product Code:




190 SAR
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