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190 SAR

Benko Bluelight Protection Glasses

Product details:

Do not let your work in front of the computer harm your eyes anymore, differ and get integrated comfort in simple steps with Blue Light protection glasses that will protect your eyes from harmful rays and provide them with a clear vision. The glasses have the ability to reduce the damage of blue light glare, and reduce the side effects on your eyes that appear over time.

the design:

  • Designed to fit both men and women, the Blue Light sunglasses frame features a modern and practical design that provides you with everyday elegance.
  • It has a sophisticated dark color that suits different tastes and has its own attractiveness.
  • Lens color: transparent medical lenses that provide protection against glare blue rays harmful to the eye.
  • Frame colour: black.
  • Arm colour: black.


Blue Light safety glasses are distinguished from other medical glasses due to many advantages; The first is its luxurious material that ensures comfortable and light glasses, the stability of their frames and their elegant color.

Lenses Specifications:

  • Blue Light glasses have an extra layer that filters blue light from computer screens or mobile phones, and reduces its bad effect when it comes in contact with your eyes.
  • Blue Light glasses are your best choice in protecting your eyes while working and staying for long periods in front of the computer, whether during the day or at night.
  • You can make an order to have the lenses in your own sizes and choose from different types of them. The implementation is carried out within one working day from the date of the request, then you will receive the glasses immediately.

Prices are standardized for the following sizes:

(SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00

(CYL) 0.00 to -2.00

  • Just please attach the prescription.

Quality and Warranty:

Your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities, and we are constantly working to achieve them. That's why we guarantee you high-quality blue-light safety glasses, and we assure you that they will protect your eyes to the utmost.



190 SAR
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