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190 SAR

Benko Bluelight Protection Glasses

Product details:

We provide you with blue light protection glasses to protect your eyes from the bad effects of blue light caused by computers, mobile phones, and screens of various digital devices. The glasses also provide the necessary protection against various harmful rays to relieve you of fatigue, and give your eyes relaxation

the design:

  • Blue Light sunglasses have a great practical design that suits different times of your day, along with its attractive and very practical dark frame color.
  • The frame is elegantly designed with wide lenses and slim metal temples that make it a neutral that perfectly matches the tastes of women and men.
  • Lens color: blue light protection optical lenses and wear according to your individual sizes.
  • Frame colour: dark brown.
  • Arm color: Dark brown with an elegant gold tone.


What distinguishes Blue Light glasses from others is their unusual material, as:

  • The tire does not discolor or peel over time.
  • It does not break or damage easily as it is flexible and impact resistant.
  • Lightweight yet stable, it does not move or slip while you are wearing it.
  • It does not cause pain to the focal areas such as the nasal septum and the top of the ear.

Lenses Specifications:

Blue Light glasses protect your eyes and provide them with unparalleled protection that makes a noticeable difference in your life as they:

  • Makes your eyes relaxed and not subject to strain while concentrating.
  • It gives you a clear and clear view without any change in the colors around you.
  • Reduces concentration fatigue and permanent pressure on the eyes to achieve the best results.
  • We provide you with different types of lenses made of the finest materials to ensure your comfort through quality.
  • After making the request for detailing the lenses, it will be executed in only one working day.
  • Just please attach a copy of the prescription.

Prices are the same for the following sizes:

(SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00

(CYL) 0.00 to -2.00

Quality and Warranty:

Blue Light safety glasses are of high quality, conforming to the standards, giving you complete comfort to help you, which will reflect on your physical health later on.

We have complete confidence in the Blue Light safety glasses and guarantee you their high and exceptional quality.



190 SAR
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