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190 SAR

Benko Bluelight Protection Glasses

Product details:

Our advanced lifestyle has made us work continuously and continuously in front of computer and mobile screens, which causes great fatigue and pressure on our eyes. So we offer you the perfect solution to avoid this fatigue; Blue Light glasses that protect your eyes from the glare of harmful blue rays caused by digital screens, and provide you with complete comfort.

the design:

  • These Blue Light safety glasses have been carefully designed to suit both men and women in their everyday lives.
  • The design of the Blue Light safety glasses frame reflects its modernity and practicality, as it has wide square lenses, and elegant slender arms that are lightweight and permanently fixed on the face.
  • Lens color: clear blue ray protection lenses and customized to your preferred size.
  • Frame colour: navy.
  • Wen's arm: dark blue.


  • We were keen to choose the best materials to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the period of wearing the Blue Light safety glasses.
  • The glasses are lightweight, flexible which makes them comfortable and durable that does not wear out quickly or discolor.

Lenses Specifications:

  • What distinguishes the lenses of the Blue Light safety glasses from others is their high protection and protection of your eyes from harmful and exhausting computer rays.
  • The lenses filter the light from digital screens, reducing the effect on your eyes.
  • Blue Light lenses help relax your eyes and give them a clear and clear vision.
  • It also helps you to avoid any mistakes while working because it provides comfort to your eyes.
  • We have a variety of lens materials that you can choose from, and your order will be fulfilled within one working day from the date of ordering.

So, "Please attach a copy of the prescription."

√ Prices are standardized for the following sizes:

(SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00

(CYL) 0.00 to -2.00

Quality and Warranty:

We guarantee all our products for our full confidence in everything we offer you, we only offer the best possible quality because that's what you deserve.



190 SAR
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