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190 SAR

Bluelight Protection Glasses

Product details:

Do you spend long hours in front of your computer or phone screen and feel tired and tired in your eyes?

Get rid of that now and protect your eyes with Blue Light Safety Glasses! Specifically designed to protect your eyes from the harmful blue rays that are produced by digital screens, and affect the strength of your eyesight and vision. They are distinguished by their unique design, and high-quality lenses that provide unsurpassed protection all the time.

the design:

  • Blue Light safety glasses have a youthful and modern design that seamlessly matches the different tastes of women and men.
  • The frame takes the popular square shape in the fashion world, which is suitable for many faces to increase its attractiveness and beauty.
  • Lens Color: The lenses in the frame are transparent for display only, and the lenses are customized to your liking.
  • Frame colour: Hazel.
  • l arm wen: black.


  • The Blue Light safety glasses have a flexible and light frame, which does not cause you discomfort while wearing it for a long period of time. It is also gentle on your skin and does not leave any marks during the day and in hot weather.

Lenses Specifications:

  • Blue-light safety glasses lenses protect your eyes from the harmful rays of digital devices with superior and high-quality protection.
  • The lenses provide clear and clear vision and reduce the rays that are exposed to your eyes.
  • Blue Light glasses protect your eyes and protect them from low vision.
  • We have different types of lens materials for you to choose what suits you according to your preference, and it is implemented after receiving the prescription for detailing the lenses within one working day from the date of the order.

So, "Please attach a copy of the prescription."

√ Prices are standardized for the following sizes:

(SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00

(CYL) 0.00 to -2.00

Quality and Warranty:

We guarantee that with the exceptional quality Blue Light Safety Glasses, you will be able to have a more than comfortable experience while working at any time. You will notice the difference with use.



190 SAR
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