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190 SAR

Benko Bluelight Protection Glasses

Product details:

Spending a large period of your time between working in front of a computer or mobile screen and practicing various activities that require you to make a great visual effort that affect your eyes, and cause them fatigue. Therefore, it is important to choose medical glasses that can protect you from the harmful blue light emitted by these devices, and fit your practical lifestyle. . We do that by providing you with the highest quality Blue Light Safety Glasses that will protect your eyes.

the design:

  • Blue Light sunglasses have a sophisticated and attractive design that suits many tastes, and suits the faces of women and men.
  • It features a wide square lens shape that gives you full coverage of your eyes, as well as presenting you with an elegant look.
  • Lens color: Clear lenses to protect against harmful blue light and can be customized to your desired sizes.
  • Frame colour: black.
  • l arm wen: black.


  • Blue Light safety glasses are made of the finest materials and ensure comfort.
  • It is also characterized by its light weight and flexibility, as it bears shocks and does not break quickly.

Lenses Specifications:

  • Made to resist harmful blue light and reduce its impact on your eyes, the lenses have an additional tinted coating that prevents blue-ray glare from digital screens from contacting and damaging your eyes.
  • In addition to the superior protection that the lenses provide to your eyes, they also keep you clear and clear, with vibrant colors that do not fade or diminish in quality.
  • We provide you with the service of tailoring lenses according to your own sizes, and it is implemented within one working day from the date of the order.
  • You can choose between various materials for lenses, which we guarantee their high quality and accuracy.

So, "Please attach a copy of the prescription."

√ Prices are standardized for the following sizes:

(SPH) from 0.00 to (- or +) 3.00

(CYL) 0.00 to -2.00

Quality and Warranty:

We can guarantee our products with confidence because of their high and perfect quality, which guarantees your comfort at all times.



190 SAR
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