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LOOK eyeglasses frame

655 SAR

LOOK Eyeglasses Frame  


It is said in literature that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as it has been said that life and the taste of days renew and bloom according to your view of it; Hence, Luke's eyeglasses came in a radiant style to prove to you the validity of the previous sayings, to extend your eyes and your sight with a force that makes you see things purer and clearer, and then you see the world as beautiful as befits the beauty of your soul and appearance, dear reader.



The design of Luke's medical glasses takes a circular shape that is dented and pulled at a slight angle from the top like a cat's eye, to give you a unique, serious and refreshing look with a unique youthful color consistency, as it is characterized by a black color with a transparent background and a slim bridge between the lenses drawn by a genius that gives you a youthful and modern look.

As for the design of the lenses, they are covered with a full frame that takes a relatively circular shape. But it is for display only and you are the one to choose the lens that suits you.

Lens color: As we mentioned that the displayed color, which is transparent, is for display only, and we have an infinite number of lenses available in all shapes and colors as you want.

Frame color: the front of the frame is black and the back of the front is transparent.

Lenses frame: full frame.

Arm color: Black and the end of the arms are dark blue.

Bridge colour: Black, the same color as the lens frame.



  • The frame is handcrafted from the finest materials and the finest craftsmanship possible.
  • The frame is designed from materials that have high durability standards that are not affected by the sun, dust or extreme heat, as it is of a stable color that does not fade and is not affected by environmental factors.
  • The frame has medical advantages, as it is made of skin-friendly materials that do not cause inflammation or itching.



Lens size: 50mm.

Bridge size: 19mm.

Arm length: 140mm.

Lenses Specifications:

  • The lenses inside the frame are for viewing purposes only.
  • We have a wide range of prescription and sunglasses lenses from different brands for you to choose what suits you best.
  • Because your comfort and health is our goal, we are waiting for you to send the details of the lenses you want and we implement them immediately with precision and care as advised by the doctor in order to preserve your eyes.
  • Just send in the prescription and leave the rest to us.

the quality:

Locke Medical Frame is a high quality frame; It does not make you feel tight or itchy while wearing it and it meets the necessary medical standards in any medical setting.



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Look Eyeglasses

655 SAR
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