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624 SAR

LOOK Blue Eyeglasses Frame

Product details:

Have you ever thought about giving your face a different look? Or did you feel that you want to stand out with a new and attractive look?

If you are a fan of difference, you are on a date with achieving what you want now!

Here is the look of medical glasses with a simple and light frame that provides you with wearing glasses and having an elegant and distinctive look as you want.



Luke's eyeglasses are unique in that they are handmade, ensuring that they will stay with you for as long as possible without any damage, in addition to the frame that is characterized by durability and extreme lightness. It will not cause you any burden in wearing it or even if it falls from you, as it is difficult to break because the frame is made of raw materials with superior quality protection.

It was manufactured in a medical way that does not cause itching, sensitivity or headache to the areas on which it rests, such as the nasal septum or the ears.

Lens Color: Clear and for display only.

Frame color: The frame of the lenses is blue with a black ring around the frame.

Arm color: black metal and the end of the arms black leather .

Bridge color: glossy black with a pyramidal curve.


The material of Luke's medical glasses is one of the luxurious materials that sparkle in the sky of the medical eyewear industry in terms of the quality of the frame. It is like an easy one, with strength, durability, lightness, and a bright color that lasts for years because it is designed to resist bending or breaking and does not move at angles that bother the wearer even if he is not in a static position .



Lens size: 49 mm.

Bridge size: 21 mm.

Arm length: 140 mm.

Lenses Specifications:

  • In terms of shape, it is characterized by a circular shape that is slightly dented on both sides, which gives it a youthful and modern look.
  • We leave you the freedom to choose the color and type of lenses you want, as well as the freedom to choose their type, whether they are medical or sunglasses.
  • All you have to do is attach the medical measurements and we will help you immediately.


10725 m2



Target group

Available for both men and women.

Quality and Warranty:

Look glasses are handmade medical glasses that have a super attractive appearance and are suitable for all ages for young people and adults and will stay with you for as long as possible because they are comfortable, strong and have good taste.



624 SAR
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