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LOOK eyeglasses frame

820 SAR

Look Eyeglasses Frame

Product details:

Are you always looking for a modern youthful look? Do you like the simple look that has uniqueness and freshness?

Know, dear reader, that Locke's eyeglasses frame presents you with a modern, modern model that suits all ages, suitable for all times when you want to wear your glasses. In addition to the elaborate workmanship and high quality standards, which guarantee you a clear vision without blurring and without any fatigue in the eyes.



The genius design of Lock glasses gives them a unique distinction, and this comes through the fake frame in the details of its color and design.

Lens color: transparent and for display only

Frame color : The front of the frame is black with transparent horizontal stripes.

Lenses frame : full frame.

Arm color: gray metal and black leather finish .

Bridge color: black with transparent horizontal stripes .



  • Because we know that for those who wear medical glasses, glasses become an integral part of their daily routine and can never be abandoned. We designed Locke's prescription glasses; They become your best friend because they are so comfortable that you won't even feel like wearing them.
  • The frame is cleverly designed from durable metal with a shiny and light color, and at the end you will find it covered with soft and gentle leather, which does not cause itching for the ears.
  • Never worry and do not take into account that you will feel any future pain with wearing glasses. The design of Locke medical glasses takes into account all the standards of medical and cosmetic quality.



Lens size: 47mm.

Bridge size: 18mm.

Arm length: 145 mm.


Lenses Specifications:

  • The lenses shown in the frame are for display only and can be changed as you wish.
  • We have high quality lenses from international brands that guarantee you the purity of vision and to say goodbye to eye pain associated with tears from now on.
  • You can customize the lenses to your liking and we are here to help you with that.
  • In order to be able to order the lens as you want it and we implement it immediately in terms of sizes and color; Just send the prescription.

the quality:

Luke's eyeglasses frame is made of high quality materials and the best premium materials.


4940 W2


Medical Look

820 SAR
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