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LOOK eyeglasses frame


825 SAR

Look Eyeglasses Frame

Product details:

From time to time, designs are renewed and ideas diversify to result in unique pieces of art that are specially designed for people with unique taste. Here is Locke's medical glasses with a frame from the classic era mixed with silver lines as threads of moonlight on dark nights, to distinguish you with a genius look and an enchanting look that distinguishes you among the crowd. Luke's eyeglasses will light up the world with the purity of their lens, the lightness of their frame, and their attractive design.


This time around, our shape comes in a different light for all lovers of a modern look mixed with the depth of classic glamorous design. The frame is painted in black with translucent silver clicks, as if studded with silver crystals, which makes it worthy to be suitable for all times, occasions and skin types, from light to darker shades of bronze and brown, to give indescribable beauty and splendor. The frame is extremely light, does not feel any weight, is stable and does not move with your movement, as it is manufactured with the highest accuracy.

Lens Color: Clear and for display only.

Frame color: The front of the frame is black and is interspersed with transparent dots that give the color of silver .

Arm color: black from the beginning and covered at the end with black leather interspersed with transparent dots, as if pieces of silver had been interspersed with it.

Bridge color: Slim and glossy black.


  • The Lock brand is distinguished by its high-quality materials that comply with all high standards and good taste.
  • The frame is soft on the skin so as not to cause any kind of allergy.
  • Mild and does not cause pain on the places of attachment such as the nasal septum and the ear.
  • The frame is made of medical materials that are difficult to be affected by movement, especially if you are a person who is constantly moving. You will not have to take it off. On the contrary, the frame is stable to an excellent degree and is light at the same time, which gives it a unique distinction as the easy one.


  • Lens Size: 53mm.
  • Bridge size: 16mm.
  • Arm length: 140mm.


Lenses Specifications:

  • Look eyeglasses lenses are for display only.
  • We provide you with the service of tailoring the lens you prefer according to your own sizes.
  • The quality of our lenses available at the highest level of precision manufacturing and comply with all medical standards that guarantee you a crystal clear vision.
  • Attach the prescription and it will be processed within one working day.

lens frame:  

full frame

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C2 10730




825 SAR
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