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RACHEL Hazel sunglasses


600 SAR

Rachel Elegant Sunglasses

Product details:

One of the best original sunglasses with a stylish design that has its own charm, we present to you the beautiful Rachel sunglasses. Glasses for every woman who wants to preserve her eyes while appearing elegant. Do not worry about the sunny days or the strong summer heat, and enjoy every moment of your day with guaranteed comfort and a dazzling look, get Rachel sunglasses now without hesitation and add to your elegant look.


Choose Rachel sunglasses because their attractive design expresses you simply and beauty. Containing the elegant color and classy feminine design that catches the eye, Rachel's sunglasses are light and balanced on the arms, making them more stable when wearing. Rachel sunglasses design takes you to another side of elegance and beauty.

  • Lens color: gradient light hazel.
  • Frame color: No frame around the lens.
  • Wen's arm: Gold - resistant materials for steel and scratches.


  • These Rachel sunglasses are expertly crafted from materials that offer the ultimate in protection for your eyes.
  • The materials and materials used in Rachel's sunglasses meet international standards.
  • The materials of Rachel's glasses make them light glasses suitable for frequent wear and also protect against eye diseases that you may face if they do not protect your eyes.
  • Enjoy summer, protection, and a clear view with these Rachel sunglasses.


  • Lens size : 137 mm.
  • Bridge size : 15 mm.
  • Arm length : 140mm.

Lenses Specifications:

  • The lenses of Rachel's sunglasses are resistant to UV rays that are harmful to the eyes.
  • Eye safety and protection from dust, glare from the sun, and harmful external influences is the most important characteristic of Rachel sunglasses lenses.
  • In addition to maximum protection, Rachel's sunglasses give you crystal clear vision.



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Rachel From Turkey - Rachel From Turkey

600 SAR
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