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Will.I.AM glasses frame


390 SAR 840 SAR

Will.i.Am EyeGlasses Frame

Product details:

We bring to you a new eyeglass frame from the line of the international artist Will.i.Am , to say the least is the unparalleled cleverness of the design! A luxurious Wheel frame that combines classic, minimalist design with a modern, airy design. Wheel tires are suitable for women or men, but of course men are more inclined to choose and prefer this tire.


The combination of modernity and modernity, and the traditional, neutral design made the Wheel Frame design an attractive and impressive design that won the admiration of many around the world, as it is from an original and well-known brand that guarantees its owner a beautiful look and elegant appearance. The Wheel frame has a neutral color scheme that suits both men and women, although it is more preferred by men. Weil's original eyeglass frame design is precise and gives you the stability and lightness you desire when wearing your eyeglasses.

  • Lens Color: Clear and for display only.
  • Frame colour: navy.
  • Arm colour: navy.


One of the things that distinguished the Will eyeglasses frame from others immediately and raised its value is the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, and the meticulous mastery of their use to produce a practical, comfortable and lightweight frame that has a stable color and does not fade or change with time, as it is durable, does not break easily and does not suffer of rapid damage.


  • Lens size : 50 mm.
  • Bridge size : 20 mm.
  • Arm length : 150 mm.

Lenses Specifications:

  • We offer tailor service medical lenses frame glasses Weil, all you have to do is to determine what suits you and his choice and we implement it to the fullest.
  • Rest assured that you will definitely get high quality optical lenses that give you a clear and clear vision.



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Will.i.Am Brand

390 SAR 840 SAR
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